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Dominik Poleski was born in 1956 and raised in Poland, in a small town, near the border with the former Soviet Union, where the action of the book takes place. He had lived there with his parents and two brothers until the age of fifteen in relative material comfort, as a result of his father’s small, prosperous carpentry business, but unhappy childhood. Both of his parents left the country in 1972 for Canada to visit relatives, who had setttled there in the early 1930’s. Their trip became permanent, and the family was thus broken up and dispersed for the next four years. The author was by then already residing in the provincial capital Lublin, pursuing his academic endeavors. The years were often marked by perpetual anguish, misery and extreme hardships. In the late 1970’s Dominik Poleski as the  last of the family moved to Canada to join his parents and brothers. He resides in the metro Vancouver, British Columbia area, and works in the general discipline of design and drafting of steel structures. He has a life-long interest in arts, literature, politics, social issues, and is a passionate advocate of Western democratic values.


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